The celebratory balloons are out front at our Bungendore office.

Roogulli garden in Bywong was designed and developed in response to a series of questions. Can a garden in this region (near Canberra) grow without irrigation? Is it possible to build a garden using environmentally friendly materials? Can permaculture be done with style? Can rural residential development be sustainable?

The resulting garden designed by Fresh Landscape Design recently won the 2012 AILA National Edna Walling Award for Residential Designed Landscapes. This prestigious national award from the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects recognises the Roogulli project as being at the leading edge of residential landscape design thinking in Australia. Only one residential design project in Australia can receive this award every two years.

The awards jury said: ‘Fresh Landscape Design’s Roogulli is a leader in sustainable residential design, offering a clear and repeatable demonstration of what can be achieved with a small budget, passionate persistence, thoughtful creativity and spades of patience.’

The design draws on ideas from water sensitive design, sustainable construction, permaculture and regenerative farming to deliver a ‘slow’ garden using many local and salvaged materials gathered over several years. Garden beds of indigenous grassland plants are drought hardy and identify strongly with the local area while rampant and evolving edible gardens feed the household.

‘This is "living sustainability" clearly demonstrated and beautifully rendered.’ (AILA 2012 National Jury)

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