We are celebrating the release of this eagerly awaited book by Heather Venhaus from the USA. Two years in the making, the book is a treasure trove of practical strategies for making small sites and residential landscape designs more sustainable. It draws on Heather’s work for the Sustainable Sites Initiative and is the first that we have seen that focuses on small sites.

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Fresh Landscape Design feel honoured that the Roogulli Garden has been included as a case study in the book. Our work in developing gardens that survive drought without artificial irrigation put us in the chapter about strategies to alleviate water shortages. After two years of good rain it is easy to forget what the dry times are like until you see the ebook video.

Watch the video about Roogulli Garden.

Establishing new plants on a slope at Roogulli in 2007 at the end of a long drought was difficult because the soil was water repellant. The milk bottles were filled with water from a bucket approximately once a week during the first summer so that the water could seep slowly into the soil. This was enough to get most of the grassland plants established.

Five years later, the same plants growing with no irrigation.