Fresh Landscape Design is working with Upper Lachlan Shire Council and local community groups to develop a Streetscape Themes Guide for future improvements to the town centres of Crookwell, Gunning, Taralga, Bigga, Binda, Collector, Laggan, Dalton, Grabben Gullen, Tuena, Jerrawa and Breadalbane.

An online community survey was run to gather community comment. A schools ideas competition was held to capture the ideas of local kids. The Streetscape Improvements - Community Engagement Report summarises community view and ideas.


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 Upper Lachlan Shire Council’s Acting General Manager Andrew Croke says “the Streetscape Themes Guide will include landscape design principles, which will be used to create greater cohesion throughout the Shire, while allowing the towns and villages to retain their unique charm.   

“Our town centres are the hubs of our communities. They are also the gateways to our Shire and are often the first impression given to visitors.

“It is important that our town centres reflect the vibrancy and beauty of our Shire and contribute to making the Upper Lachlan an attractive place to live, work, invest and visit now and into the future.”