This semester Chris studied landscape design as part of a Bachelor of Horticulture. The major  project for this unit was to redesign a neglected and remnant roadway at the Wagga campus of Charles Sturt University to create a pedestrian precinct. A vibrant new place evolved in the plan, complete with popup cafe, picnic areas, shady lawns and an amphitheatre.


The site currently has the old road, some grassed areas and several large trees. At the end of the road, a new, straight and fairly formal path leads to a large science laboratory building.

The design brief was to:

  • create an outdoor forecourt that relates to the surrounding buildings and provides an arrival point for the green space that leads to the laboratory building
  • enhance the amenity and legibility of the setting
  • reflect elements of the university's history as well as the diversity and caliber of its current community.

The design extends the straight, formal path from the science laboratory building through the site, surrounding it with informal grassed and treed areas. A number of activity nodes are located through this area providing a kiosk, BBQ area and amphitheatre for entertainment and outdoor lectures. The history of the site as the Wagga Experiment Farm is acknowledged through plantings of apple trees at the entrance and two animal sculptures at the ends of the major path. The animal sculptures also assist with directing people around the campus: "Meet you at the sheep" or "Turn left at the cow".

Click on the images below to see larger versions of the plans.