The Centenary Trail takes walkers and cyclists around Canberra through nature reserves, farmland, parks, lookouts, campsites and the Parliamentary Triangle. In 2013 we designed and superintended the new sections of the trail with Harris Hobbs Landscapes. What a fabulous gift from the ACT Government to the people of Canberra and visitors for the Centenary of Canberra!

Walking trail

The trail is well loved by local residents. Cyclists have been known to ride the whole trail in a marathon single day but more commonly it takes two to three days to ride. Walkers can hop on and off the trail in many places or can choose to walk the entire 145km loop over seven days including staying at the Northern Campsite.

Mapping the Centenary Trail

Walkers on the Centenary Trail

We worked on the northern sections of the trail from Mount Ainslie around to Gold Creek in Gungahlin, walking, photographing, planning and mapping the new trail sections then consulting with landowners and government stakeholders to make sure that the trail design would work for the farmers, heritage, environment and trail managers as well as walkers and cyclists.

The northern sections traverse challenging terrain and provide people with new opportunities to interact with native grasslands and woodlands as well as enjoy physical activity and spectacular views. The new lookout on One Tree Hill, based on a concept design by Jennie, is one of our favourite parts of the trail and we walked up there many times during superintendence.

Lookout Canberra Centenary Trail by Fresh Landscape Design

One Tree Hill lookout by Fresh Landscape Design Signage on the Centenary Trail Steps on Mount Ainslie


We also did all the GIS mapping for the project and received the AILA ACT 2016 Award of Excellence for Cultural Heritage with Harris Hobbs Landscape for our work on the trail.

Campsite on the Canberra Centenary Trail     Cycling on Centenary Trail