With a growing number of young families moving into the Byowng area the Bywong Community Association decided that any upgrade to the current community hall and facilities should included a children's playground.  It would be a facility for locals families to connect  adressing saftey issues around the existing commuity hall while minimising the impact on the surrounding native bushland. Working pro bono FLD designed a community space that served the needs of young children, their carers and the the adjascent Pony club facilites. The project brought the community together planting tress and shrubs to create a valuable community resource.

Five outdoor gyms have been installed in parks around Canberra as part of a program to increase opportunities for people to be active. We worked with the suppliers to finalise the equipment configuration, superintended the construction and supported the suppliers who were new to working with the ACT project systems.


Working in a pro bono capacity Fresh Landscape design collaborated with Preschool staff and the Preschool committee to develop a concept design and general management plan for the Preschool’s outdoor areas. The focus was on improving the safety of the existing spaces, upgrading some of the play equipment and rejuvenating the landscaping with new trees, shrubs and productive raised planting beds.