This 348ha university campus on the NSW south coast has extensive natural, indigenous and historic heritage features including a number of endangered ecological communities, archaeological sites of significance and heritage buildings associated with European settlement. Since it was gifted to the ANU in 1975, university groups, international visitors and others have used the site for research, field trips, workshops and meetings.

LociGenesis and Fresh Landscape Design collaborated to develop a masterplan, enabling a conversation with the key stakeholder groups to identify a vision for how the site could accommodate increased use for international research meetings, community outreach programs and university academic programs while protecting and valuing the natural and heritage assets of the site. The focus is on sustainable future use that supports the conservation of the site values.

The existing campus accommodation, facilities and land management approach have developed over time in a relatively ad hoc way. The masterplan process provided a chance to review the existing asset, the links to the local, regional and national community and opportunities to enhance the value of the site. The masterplan provides a physical organising structure that ties together key existing facilities into a plan for progressive development of the site. It focuses initially on a key communal hub and management of grasslands and forests. This is followed by upgrades of specialist facilities and accommodation as use of the campus expands.