Palerang Council closed the tip faces in Bungendore and on Macs Reef Road in 2015 and constructed two waste transfer stations close by. Stormwater runoff from the old tip faces and new waste transfer facilities needed to be managed for sediment and leachates, views into the facilities needed screening and landscape areas and batters needed to be mass planted for stabilisation and to improve biodiversity outcomes. Fresh Landscape Design worked with engineers from Council to design and deliver the landscape components on a limited budget.

Conventional approaches for establishing wetland plant material in the sediment and leachate ponds and swales were not affordable and the pond environments were hostile to plant establishment with poor water quality, steep batters and large fluctuations in water levels. We are conducting a trial using floating boxes in three of the ponds with the other two ponds planted with matching tubestock directly into the banks. After nine months the plants in the floating boxes appeared to be more successful, were setting seed and beginning to spread outside the boxes.