Following representations from the community, the ACT Government embarked on a project to upgrade some informal trails in a stormwater and services easement in Watson ACT. These trails are well used and loved by equestrians, walkers, cyclists and dogs.

In the first stage of the project we documented the existing conditions and options for improving the trails including creating a 'Tree Trail' following a desire line weaving through rows of mature Eucalypts. The Tree Trail got the green light and we went on to document and superintend construction of this trail. The final design used crushed concrete compacted into a firm surface to create a trail with a relaxed feel as well as several seats and a boardwalk over a damp area.


Fresh Landscape design developed a 5 year landscape plan for the AMS Chip Mill and export facility at Twofold Bay, NSW. The site is on the NSW coastline and adjacent to the East Boyd State Forest and the Ben Boyd National Park.The plan provided landscaping strategies to improve functionality for the site and environmental outcomes for both the site and the surrounding area, while not impeding commercial operations. 10 key areas were identified and individually assessed. Individual plans for each area included hard landscaping, planting plans and maintenance strategies.

The plan was developed to integrate with the existing Environmental Management System, and produce a landscape requiring low levels of maintenance. The use of resources freely available on the site was encouraged to both reduce cost and reflect the industrial function and character of the site. Appropriate materials and their potential application were identified in the plan.


In a classic case where a road infrastructure project is also an urban design project, the landscape for this roundabout project in the main street of Bungendore NSW was used to enhance the rural village streetscape. It brought green into the street using native plantings, traffic calming through the use of granite cobblestones to change the road surface texture and introduced fences as bold structural elements.

Our landscape design for this project was based on ideas developed early in a pro bono community design project with people who lived, worked or owned property in that block of Gibraltar Street.

Palerang Council closed the tip faces in Bungendore and on Macs Reef Road in 2015 and constructed two waste transfer stations close by. Stormwater runoff from the old tip faces and new waste transfer facilities needed to be managed for sediment and leachates, views into the facilities needed screening and landscape areas and batters needed to be mass planted for stabilisation and to improve biodiversity outcomes. Fresh Landscape Design worked with engineers from Council to design and deliver the landscape components on a limited budget.

Conventional approaches for establishing wetland plant material in the sediment and leachate ponds and swales were not affordable and the pond environments were hostile to plant establishment with poor water quality, steep batters and large fluctuations in water levels. We are conducting a trial using floating boxes in three of the ponds with the other two ponds planted with matching tubestock directly into the banks. After nine months the plants in the floating boxes appeared to be more successful, were setting seed and beginning to spread outside the boxes.

Fresh Landscape Design has considerable experience developing landscape strategies and plans for renewable infrastructure projects such as wind farms and solar farms required to satisfy development approvals and conditions. In particular, we have spent considerable time consulting with individual landowners to develop plans for landscape screening that suit the way that they live and farm. Our work helps to create positive links with the local community and delivers environmental benefits. Renewable infrastructure projects require us to use our expertise in landscape architecture, community landscapes, GIS mapping, project management, garden design and farming and rural solutions.

Projects include: Woodlawn Wind Farm 2011; Nyngan Solar Farm 2012; Capital East Solar Farm 2012; Gullen Range Wind Farm 2013-2016; Mount Majura Solar Farm 2014-2017; Jemalong Solar Station 2014; Taralga Wind Farm 2015-2016; Gullen Solar Farm 2016-17.