We hope to open Roogulli Farm again for tours in the future for an opportunity to see the place where Jennie and Chris try out eco-restorative approaches to gardening and farming.

Roogulli small farm design tours

Here are tours that we have run before.

The half day Roogulli Farm Tour goes behind the scenes, visiting our market garden and micro herds of Babydoll Southdown sheep, alpacas and llamas in their rotational grazing system. On the way you will see shelterbelt and fodder shrub planting and take a look at a rehabilitation project along Brooks Creek where a major gorse infestation has be removed and pools are spontaneously reforming along the creek.

The half day Roogulli Farming in a Small Way Tour stays closer to our energy efficient house, visiting the kitchen garden, our chook run complete with Happy Chook Salad Bars, wicking bed of all shapes and sizes, the permaculture Food Forest and our house garden which is grown with no artificial irrigation. You also get a sneak peek at the miniature sheep, alpacas and llamas.

We have received a number of awards for our work at Roogullli:

  • 2013 AILDM National Gold Award and Best in Category Award for Residential Design under $50,000
  • 2013 AILDM National Gold Award and Best in Category Award for Environmental Design
  • 2012 AILA National Edna Walling Award for Residential Designed Landscapes
  • AILA ACT 2012 Landscape Architecture Award (Land Management)
  • Not exactly an award but we are excited that Roogulli was used as a case study in the international book Designing the Sustainable Site by Heather Venhaus