A couple of sheep, four gates, a set of wheels and there you have it - a sheep powered lawn mower. Christened 'The Lamborghini' by Michael from Mountain Creek Farm, this mobile pen has proved to be handy for tackling areas of long grass that can be near impossible to mow.

The wheels allow the pen to be moved around easily by one person. A water trough and a container to hold supplementary feed are attached to the pen so that everything moves together when the pen is pushed around. In summer a small shade sail can be attached across the top of the pen with elastic straps and shade cloth is sometimes added to a side panel for extra shelter from wind or sun. 

The pen was made from four gates joined together using FastYard connectors. Wheels taken from two goods trolleys were bolted to the corners. Any corner of the pen can be opened to let the sheep in and out.

Two sheep seems to be the best number - these are Dorper wethers. One sheep on its own would be lonely and more than two means that the pen has to be moved too often. We let the sheep out of the pen regularly for a big run around.