After years of reading and practicing permaculture and running a thriving vegetable garden at Roogulli, Chris is attending a Permaculture Design Certificate course with Milkwood Permaculture.

It is creating some interesting discussions in the office where there is considerable attachment to attractive landscape design and good haircuts. How to balance the traditionally messy look of permaculture with the aesthetics of good spatial design? Can a bold geometric layout be combined with layers of diverse plant material to create productive landscapes that look good too? What about the joy of seeing a wide, uncluttered view from the house?

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We see a need for landscape architects and permaculture designers to work together. Landscape architects are trained to design outdoor spaces so that they are logical to move around, interact effectively with the built environment, balance form against function and consider cultural, environmental and heritage issues. These skills can enhance permaculture based designs.


Here is a permaculture design for a property layout and forest garden for Roogulli that Chris did as part of the Permaculture Design Certificate. You will see the hand of a landscape architect in the spatial layout.