Canberra Centenary Trail

Canberra Centenary Trail
  • 2016 AILA ACT Award of Excellence for Cultural Design with Harris Hobbs Landscapes

Design and documentation for the missing parts of the 145km trail was completed in 2013. We are proud to see the walking and cycling trail so well used and loved by visitors and the local Canberra people. We worked on the northern sections of the trail and think that this is a perfect example of a government infrastructure project that provides a stimulus healthy activity and tourism. read more

107 Projects Roof Garden with Milkwood

National awards in 2016 from the Australian Institute of Landscape Designers and Managers for the 107 Projects Roof Garden which was a collaborative project with Milkwood to design a community roof garden in Redfern:

  • 2016 AILDM Gold award - Commercial Landscape Design - Educational or Institutional
  • 2016 AILDM Gold award - Landscape Design - Rooftop 
  • 2016 AILDM Silver award - Landscape Management - Environmental

Read more about the project.

O'Connor garden

A fabulous opportunity to design something different for a residential garden by removing the steps to the front door and using a recycled timber deck and ramp across a swale instead. The swale doubles as a dry creekbed in dry times and a soakbed using water from a house downpipe when it rains.

  • 2014 AILDM National Award for Residential Landscape Design $50,000 - $150,000

Roogulli garden and small farm

Our masterplan and design for this rural garden and small farm at Bywong near Canberra makes extensive use of salvaged and recycled materials, diverse plant material, xeriscape garden techniques and rotational grazing. It includes a rock garden with native plants grown without artificial irrigation, an extensive kitchen garden and food forest. See our YouTube micromovie.

Searching for Sustainability in Canberra Gardens

Our designs for four small gardens in Canberra during the drought explored ideas for gardens that use water efficiently. What could a front garden look like with no lawn? How can we use swales in gardens to help water infiltrate the soil and look beautiful at the same time?

  • AILA 2008 National Edna Walling Award
  • AILA ACT 2008 Award for Design in Landscape Architecture with Special Jury Citation: Demonstration small project

Nicholls Garden

Our design for the garden surrounding a new energy efficient house on a steep slope in Canberra created a series of terraces separated by heavily planted rock gardens. Spaces for the children included rocks for scrambing on, a play lawn and a cubby house amongst the trees.

  • AILA ACT 2006 Commendation for Design in Landscape Architecture 

Graduate design portfolio

Jennie's portfolio collection included Canberra garden designs, a courtyard garden at Fenner Hall and the Walk of Memories at Boomanulla Oval.

  • AILA ACT 2004 Graduate Landscape Architecture Award

All of our projects are a co-operative effort between our team and clients. We don't do it on our own and we would like to thank everyone involved.