Why we do it

We want to live life feeling connected with the world that supports us. We like to share our ideas for making places that feed, share, nurture and create moments of joy in ways that can work for a long time.Fresh Landscape Design about

What do we do?

We plan outdoor places, large and small, that combine the amazing things that humans can do with the awesome capacities of natural systems to solve problems. They can be streets, parks or waterways. Other times they are gardens and small farms. We often work on regional  projects where some early input from us can deliver bonus environmental and community benefits.

How do we do it?

We work with people to find strategies that will work for them. We apply our knowledge of natural, rural and urban ecosystems to solve problems. We use landscape architecture combined with whole systems thinking to make plans. We share and communicate our ideas in all sorts of ways. Many of our plans use an eco-restorative approach.

We like to say that we put the people into the engineering, the water and green infrastructure into the architecture and the future into degraded places.

Sometimes this is called master planning or urban design, other times it is called landscape architecture and community engagement. Every project matters to us – whether it is design ideas for a garden, the landscape architecture component of a multidisciplinary design project, visual impact assessment or master planning for campuses and regional towns.

We also have a passion for mapping - building up layers of information collected from many sources to help understand places.

Sustainable officeWhere do we do it?

Our solar powered office is based at Roogulli in Bywong NSW, close to Bungendore and Canberra. Read more about our commitment to sustainability

What have we achieved?

Our work at Roogulli has been recognised nationally and internationally for showing leadership in sustainable landscape design. Our projects have received many awards. We are active in the community - helping with the Canberra City Farm, organising a home produce swap at the Farmers Market in Bungendore, creating and learning with the Canberra Region Feltmakers. We have also  played a key role in establishing the Small Farms Network Capital Region

Our people

Jennie Curtis

Director, Registered Landscape Architect

Finding ways to make beautiful places that help people to connect with each other and the natural world is a key motivation for Jennie. She is intrigued by the ways simple, natural systems help to solve challenging problems. Jennie uses her ears to listen before she uses her hands to design. Clients have sometimes asked how she manages to get inside their heads!

After a career in school teaching and graphic design, which may explain her communication skills, Jennie shifted her attention to landscape architecture in 2001. She has designed master plans for parks, reserves and industrial and residential subdivisions. She has worked with communities to design streetscapes, play spaces and recreation facilities; local governments and companies to deliver infrastructure projects; and architects, planners and engineers to deliver building projects. Jennie has designed over 250 residential gardens and small farms.

And the formal qualifications... Bachelor of Science (Honours), Graduate Diploma of Education, Master of Landscape Architecture, Registered Landscape Architect (AILA).

Chris Curtis

Director, Technical Consultant, Project Manager, Mapping wiz

Chris is a born problem-solver with a passion for edible gardens and cooking. Having escaped a successful career in IT as a business analyst, he now applies his talent to solving landscape technical problems, GIS mapping, sorting out how to turn those quickly drawn design sketches into landscape reality and designing systems for sustainable landscape management.

Chris also runs the Roogulli kitchen garden and food forest and is more than half way to becoming a qualified horticulturist.