At Fresh Landscape Design we create outdoor places, large and small, that combine the amazing things that humans can do with the awesome capacities of natural systems to solve problems. These places range from streets, infrastructure and parks to gardens and small farms.

Along the way we have had to think about who we are, what we do and there have been some awards.

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Fresh Landscape Design received awards from AILDM for the 107 Projects rooftop garden in Redfern. The awards are:

  • Gold award - Commercial Landscape Design - Educational or Institutional
  • Gold award - Landscape Design - Rooftop 
  • Silver award - Landscape Management - Environmental


Is your chook run mostly bare ground? Are your chickens terrorising your garden? As seen at the 2016 Murrumbateman Field Days, our Happy Chook Salad Bar is a great way to grow forage greens for your chooks right in the chook run. After trialling prototypes during 2016, we are now selling the Salad Bar to other chook owners who also want to offer their chickens fresh greens every day.


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